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ImproAbility is driven by the vision of mentoring teenagers towards better tomorrow. We aspire to achieve this vision through academic and non-academic training courses. We have started with Maths coaching ImproMaths. We will be introducing ImproMind soon. ImproMind is an NLP-based coaching to help students conquer fear, anxiety, stress, and their limiting beliefs.


ImproMaths was started with an idea of removing fear of Mathematics from students’ minds. Over years, I have seen so many students struggle with the subject. My sole aim here is to make the subject simple, interesting and interactive so that each and every student gets to their true potential.

NLP- Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Understanding math concepts and building emotional resilience are key to overcoming fear. I acquired NLP certification to support students holistically, currently exclusive to ImproMaths, with plans to expand through ImproMind.

Our Courses


Understanding math concepts and emotional resilience are crucial. I acquired NLP certification, exclusively for ImproMaths, with future plans for ImproMind.


Completing the syllabus before school starts is impressive. Tailored holiday courses focus on improvement chapters, lasting one to one and a half months, followed by term break follow-ups.


Students often feel the need to refresh their math skills. ImproMaths short courses are designed for this purpose, held periodically throughout the year. Stay tuned for updates on the next course.

About Us

Hi, I am Sai!

I am on a mission to free the teenage world from fear of Mathematics. I believe that there is no such thing as “Mathematics brain or Non-Mathematics brain”. We all have the potential to ace this subject. However, this potential is locked due to three main reasons

  • Maybe the subject was not taught in the right way.
  • Maybe the students resist it due to some underlying limiting beliefs like “ I am not good enough to do Mathematics”.
  • Maybe they hesitated to ask questions in the class as they were afraid of being judged and laughed at.

Latest Posts

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This story illustrates the transition from software engineering to fulfilling mathematics teaching. It emphasizes dedication to teaching, addressing students' fears, and receiving support from family, highlighting transformative growth and purpose discovery.

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In this video segment, I'll provide helpful tips for students to prepare for and excel in exams. These insights aim to optimize exam performance and ensure students can showcase their best efforts.

Tips for better preparation for exams-Part 2

In this follow-up video, we shift our focus to exercise and nutrition. Understanding that physical health impacts academic performance, we'll explore how diet and fitness habits contribute to overall success.

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Academic and Non-Academic Training

Discover ImproAbility’s mission to mentor teenagers through ImproMaths and soon, ImproMind. Our programs aim for holistic development, equipping students with essential skills to excel academically and navigate life’s challenges with confidence.


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