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About Us

Hi, I am Sai !

I am on a mission to free the teenage world from fear of Mathematics. I believe that there is no such thing as “Mathematics brain or Non-Mathematics brain”. We all have the potential to ace this subject. However, this potential is locked due to three main reasons

  • Maybe the subject was not taught in the right way.
  • Maybe the students resist it due to some underlying limiting beliefs like “ I am not good enough to do Mathematics”.
  • Maybe they hesitated to ask questions in the class as they were afraid of being judged and laughed at.

Why Choose Us

  • I am the person who holds the key to this lock. I am a Mathematics enthusiast who knows how to make the subject fun and easy.
  • I have more than 7000+ hours of experience with a variety of students, teaching syllabuses like IGCSE, IB, CBSE, Local Singapore, ICSE, etc.
  • I am a tutor and a mentor who will guide the students through the journey of Mathematics as well as help them manage their limiting emotions related to the subject. I strive to provide a fun and interactive environment for students, where they won’t be judged or mocked for their questions and their mistakes.
  • I am a certified NLP coach. This enables me to help my students manage their limiting beliefs and emotions along with their Mathematics skills.