Have you ever wondered why a student doing excellent in Mathematics up to grade 6 suddenly starts going down hill from Grade 7? 

What changes in and after Grade 7 that makes them start hating Mathematics?

Most syllabuses introduce Algebra in late Grade 6. By the time the students can grasp it they are done with Grade 6 and they enter Grade 7. In Grade 7 it is presumed that the students already know the basics of Algebra and more concepts are taught on top of that. 

Algebra is an abstract subject and it is very difficult for students to visualize how it works. Hence they find it difficult to understand and start losing interest. Lack of interest starts reflecting in their exam results and slowly Mathematics itself becomes a monstrous subject.

However, all the students have to stick with Mathematics at least till Grade 10 and if they go for Grade 11 and 12 then till Grade 12. 

If we look at the numbers, irrespective of the curriculums Algebra consists of 30 to 35% of the total paper. In higher grades Algebra is required to solve quite a few Geometry questions. soif we look into totality Algebra covers almost 50 to 55% of the total paper.So secure your 55% with ImproAlgebra. 

The topics covered will be

  1. Basic Algebraic operations
  2. Brackets and simplifying
  3. Factorization
  4. Algebraic fractions and operations on fractions
  5. Linear equations
  6. Linear equations in two variables
  7. How to use algebra in word problems
  8. ImproMind Session (complimentary for ImproAlgebra students )