This program covers the academic syllabus in line with the school curriculum. There are batches going on round the year for Grade 8 and above for International and Local Singaporeans syllabuses and P4 to P6 for Local Singapore Syllabus. Give us a call for details of the schedule

Group Size: Up to 4.

Format : Online or Face to Face or both.


Completing the syllabus even before school curriculum starts is fascinating. Tailor made courses are developed during holidays focusing especially on improvement chapters. It is all about practice after that. These are generally only one to one and half months long depending on the duration of holidays. This course is then followed up during term breaks.

Groups Size : Up to 5

Format : Online or Face to Face or both.


Many times students feel that they need to brush up on a few skills in Mathematics. They may be doing well on their own and do not need a full time course but just want to get reacquainted with a few concepts. ImproMaths short courses are designed exactly to cater to these students. They are periodically held throughout the year. Keep a watch on the updates for the next course.

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Group size: Up to 10.

Format: Online

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The International General Certificate of Secondary Education is a Grade 10 Examination and this syllabus is offered in many big international schools. The 10th Grade preparations for Mathematics start from Grade 8 in ImproMaths. ImproMaths specializes in IGCSE Mathematics both Extended and Additional syllases. These are very exciting to teach and learn too.

Singapore O Level

Once students pass their PSLE exams most of them are introduced to a stream of education which leads to O level (Ordinary Level) which is an exam that students appear for in Grade 10 or Secondary 4. Now, in most schools O level has 2 different variants of Mathematics Elementary and Additional. Most of the schools offer both subjects and most of the students opt for both of them. With right tutoring and enough practice these Mathematics are not only easy to do but fun to learn too.


Many of the Indian schools in Singapore offer CBSE syllabus. This Syllabus follows the Central Board of India pattern. CBSE too offers two different levels of Mathematics- Basic and Standard. Basic level is for students who do not wish to continue Mathematics after Grade 10. Standard level is for students who wish to continue with Mathematics after Grade 10. At ImproMaths we specialize in both Grade 10 and Grade 12 Mathematics.  


International Baccalaureate is one of the most recognized syllabuses in the world. All major Universities in the world accept the IB score as a criterion for student admissions. IB offers three levels of Mathematics – Mathematics Studies, IB SL and IB HL. IB SL and IB HL are further divided into AA and AI. ImproMaths covers both SL and HL Mathematics and helps kids to attend their best potential.


As most students in Singapore who attend the local schools have to appear for a school leaving examination in their 6th Grade. This examination is called PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination). The PSLE Level Mathematics has its own ways of solving and approaching problems. The language patterns in the word problems are unique and can be mastered with correct guidance. ImproMaths aims to help students gain their highest potential through systematics guidance.


There are more syllabuses offered in schools in Singapore. They are IGCSE Edexcel, International A and As Level, GCSE, etc. These syllabuses are taught at ImproMaths on a need basis.

ImproMaths offers online lessons so students can learn from the comfort of their homes and save commuting time.

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